The smart infusion monitor lets healthcare practitioners keep an eye on critical infusion therapy from anywhere. The device counts drops in a gravity-fed IV and calculates real-time flow rate. It sends alerts to the nursing station on the occasions of blocks, rate variations and completion of drips. You can also get alerts on your personal mobile devices. The ergonomically designed, rechargeable device is handy, wireless and has a battery backup of 20 hours.

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How is it different

Dripo is designed to monitor intravenous infusions continuously. It counts each drop in an IV line, displays the real-time flow rate and volume infused and sends appropriate messages to nurses and doctors on the events of flow-rate variations, blocks in the IV line and completion of drips. It doesn’t control the fluid infusion rate like an infusion pump; it assures accuracy by letting the healthcare practitioner know the real-time flow rate.

By letting healthcare professionals keep track of the infusion process, Dripo helps to detect deviations or irregularities and prevent adverse events.

It can be used for areas where continuous remote monitoring of intravenous infusion is required, like critical medicine delivery through intravenous access like chemotherapy and in a post-operative or neonatal ward.

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Why Infusion Monitoring


Icon for Safety


By staying informed about any changes in flow rate and detecting potential obstruction in the IV line, medical experts can take immediate actions to prevent adverse events. Close monitoring of IV infusions and timely alerts is a vital safeguard for healthcare practitioners.

Icon for Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Continuous monitoring of the IV line enables healthcare practitioners to proactively prevent potential patient discomfort. The patient no longer needs to worry about the complications and completion of IV infusions though the caregiver is not around.

Icon for Cost


Infusion pumps are expensive to purchase, maintain and calibrate. Use monitoring devices to cut off the number of dedicated infusion pumps. Save on maintenance and training costs, as Dripo requires minimal training and maintenance.

Icon for Documentaion


By automatically capture crucial data regarding infusion therapy such as flow rate, alarm events and response time, Dripo reduces the need for manual data entry and chances of human error. It allows integration with your electronic health records for a streamlined documentation process.

Use Cases


Critical care units

Upgrade gravity infusions in critical care units to monitored infusions to ensure patient safety and accurate delivery of fluids and medicines. Using infusion monitors alongside infusion pumps helps to adopt proactive patient care, where the doctors and nurses can promptly detect irregularities and potential complications based on real-time feedback.

Inpatient Rooms or wards

Infusion monitoring in rooms helps improve healthcare services by helping the nurse respond to any issues or complications, minimising the risk of adverse events and improving the overall patient experience. Patients no longer have to endure frequent interruptions for manual checks of their IV lines, and the nurse can dedicate more quality time to direct patient care with automated documentation.

Clinics or ambulatory care

Choose Dripo if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to enhance the safety and quality of your IV treatment. The compact and portable design allows for easy integration into any clinical setting, making it a convenient choice for clinics and ambulatory services. It doesn't require a dedicated power supply and has a battery backup of 20 hours. Experience the benefits of reliable infusion monitoring that prioritizes safety, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

Homecare services

Carry the ergonomically designed portable device to the field and confidently deliver high-quality care while maintaining patient safety and optimizing your operations. Dripo features robust data logging capabilities, ensuring comprehensive records for effective treatment management. Its rechargeable design provides convenience and flexibility for service providers on the go.

IV Vitamin Clinics

Don't leave patient outcomes to chance – Dripo ensures accurate flow rate and proactive monitoring. The last thing you want is an adverse event compromising the patient's well-being. With comprehensive data logging, you can track treatment progress and identify potential issues before they escalate. Our device's portability and rechargeable feature make it a seamless addition to your IV vitamin clinic.

Clinical Trial and Research

Dripo is useful in clinical trials, where close monitoring of medications is crucial. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure accurate dosing and flow rates, minimising the risk of errors. Continuous data logging allows researchers to track the administration of medications throughout the trial closely. Its wireless and portable design enables flexibility, making it convenient for use in various trial settings.