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Fully battery operated connected nurse call system working on LoRa a low power long range wireless platform. The system consists of battery operated call points connected to any android based nursing station monitor.

Why should you choose alamo ?


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Our system is completely modular and can be configured according to your needs. You don't need to spend any installation costs or wiring charges even for plug points as our system works fully on battery

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Ease of Maintanance

Unlike any other system our devices can be reconfigured to be used with any bed, which makes maintenance and troubleshooting easy. You will get to know if some units are fualty through our mobile application reducing downtimes of the system.

Icon for Future Ready

Future Ready

Alamo works on LoRa a long range RF network making it one of the most reilable wireless system available in the market. The cloud backend monitor the status of each units, creates escalation on unanswered patient calls and generates reports and insights on the service, all avialable in your mobile phone.

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Hassle Free Installation

Each unit operated on an AA battery and there are no installation hassles. 200 beds can be installed in a day.



Icon for Call Point

Call Point

Patient call point with Call, Cancel, Acknowledge and Housekeeping buttons. This module also has 2 RJ11 ports to connect accessories and a power port to connect an adapter if needed.

Icon for Pendant Button M1

Pendant Button M1

Patient side call switch accessories that can be connected to the main call point. The switch is connected to the call point via coil cord and can be placed near bed. It makes it easier for patients to make nurse calls.

Icon for Pull Cord

Pull Cord

Pull Cord accessory that can be connected to a call point for use in washrooms for ease of access.

Icon for Room Light

Room Light

Indicator lights to be placed outside the room doors. These lights can be paired with call points so that they light up when a call is made.

Icon for Central Reciever / Gateway

Central Reciever / Gateway

Gateway receives messages from the call points and shares the data to other devices. It can be a mobile phone, tablets, android tv or cloud server

Icon for Nursing Station Monitor Software

Nursing Station Monitor Software

Device with call system software installed, it can be a tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Icon for Alamo Vision

Alamo Vision

Nurse call reports and escalations application for nursing Managers. Get reports on peak timings, alerts if calls are not attended within stipulated time, View the data nursing station wise.

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Alamo Manager

Call Points adminstration software to install manage and reconfigure call points and lights. It also helps see the status of each buttons and generate preventive maintenance reports.

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